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  • Are you STRUGGLING with a challenging or difficult child?
  • Do you long to break the RELENTLESS cycle of Negativity, Hostility and Fighting?
  • Do you feel like a bad parent because you've tried EVERYTHING and still feel powerless to help your child?
  • Do you feel UNABLE to make POSITIVE changes that last?
Rod Schofield

If you've answered "YES" to any of these problems. DON'T WORRY! You are not alone. There is ANOTHER WAY that works, even with the most challenging kids! You are invited to register your interest for a FREE Information Workshop where you will learn powerful insights and an Approach that you can begin to implement immediately. You will start to turn your nightmare moments in to the sweetest success! You'll gain an empowered sense of control, understanding, and connection with your child you never thought possible.

Testimonials for this life changing work.

Examples of the significant difference we've made in people's lives

From Sarah who is a single mum in Bayside Melbourne who had two very challenging young teenage sons and a 10 year struggle with a variety of programmes and psychologists. The following comments are taken directly, with permission, from a series of emails that Sarah sent as she went about implementing what she'd learned. "I can’t tell you how fabulous things are going ........ sooooo many wow moments I cant wait to share with you guys on Tuesday . Our whole house atmosphere has changed ...... we have had no outbursts since I saw you last ...... which is so rare as we usually can have many in a day. Transformation galore !!!! Already ..... you guys have done more for my family in two weeks than [a Melbourne Based family support group] and psychologists over 10years ...... to say how grateful I am is an understatement...... Another humongous THANK YOU for transforming my world ..... and giving me the tools to deal with this ever challenging world of parenting

From Catherine who also lives in Bayside Melbourne: I just wanted to send a little note and say a great BIG thank you! You deliver your content with such warmth empathy, respect and engagement and so many hands-on, practical tips and takeaways I could start applying straight away. I've been reading books and blogs forever but have been frustrated that I could never make any changes "stick" before. But, in a few short weeks, you've been able to teach me simple strategies that have had HUGE impact on our family. And this is not short-term stuff, I can see we'll be making life-long changes based on your approach. Everyone is happier and calmer and I can't thank you enough for that.

FREE Information Workshops

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